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Specialized translations | Technical translations | Authorized translations | Legalized translationsOur goal is to support you in transmitting your values and successes to the entire world, through our professional translations, familiarized both to your activity field and to your clients and partners particularities.

We provide specialized translations and software localization of your documents into and from over 25 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese etc., in various source-target combinations.

For this purpose, the ACED CONSULT MULTIMEDIA team, with more than 40 professional translators and specialized terminologists, is always at your disposal, ensuring the perfect communication of your message.

Each translator and terminologist of the ACED CONSULT MULTIMEDIA team is specialized in certain fields and committed to certain clients. Thus, we manage to efficiently integrate the essential elements of a successful partnership: the people, the field and the location. Moreover, we develop and enhance this advantage over a long-term period, while ensuring its consistency.

This is achieved by ensuring the perfect similarity between the message and the semantics of the original text and the ones of the translated text and moreover by observing the original text shape, the included scheme and diagrams as well as the presented photos and images.

In our team you will surely be able to find the translator that fits your needs – the required translator for documents that need to be translated and localized.

The wide range of fields of expertise in specialized translations and software localization includes large projects related to: technical translations, medical translations, legal translations, economic translations, automotive translations, IT translations etc.

Specialized translations

Specialized translations render the message of the source text into the target language using the appropriate style and terminology.
Our vast expertise in specialized translations includes large projects, such as technical, medical, legal, economic, automotive, IT translations etc.
Specialized documents are usually characterized by a very high degree of difficulty. To translate this type of documents, the specialized translator must be familiar with the terminology in the respective field and have a thorough knowledge of the languages in question.
Materials that require specialized translations are generally those that mediate the communication between the equipment manufacturer and user: user manual, commissioning manual, tender books, product catalogs etc.
Consequently, the translation team is constantly improving in order to obtain specialized translations as accurate as the original texts and this improvement involves constantly updating glossaries, as well as an open and ongoing communication with the customers.
The experience of our teams of specialized translators and terminologists is enhanced by the latest terminology management tools, TRADOS, TRANSIT, SDL, etc., aimed at increasing efficiency, quality and consistency, reducing translation times and costs in proportion with data redundancy.
The high quality of our specialized translations is ensured by additional proofreading and terminology implementation services, a procedure guaranteeing the linguistic and technical consistency of the translated materials.

Technical translations

Technical translations are a market niche.
Technical translations are carried out by translators specialized in various fields and sectors of activity: automotive translations: vehicle operation manuals , user manuals , car service booklets, warranty booklets, repair manuals, sales manuals, job descriptions, data sheets, product catalogs, press releases etc.; medical translations: leaflets, product sheets, health records; legal translations: contracts, law, various legal documents; commercial, economic and financial translations: financial reports, audit reports, tender documentations, bank letters , law, various contracts etc.; technical translations in the field of constructions: design documentation, product sheets, product catalogs etc.; technical translations for electrical equipment: user manuals, installation manuals, service manuals, warranty certificates, product catalogs, product leaflets, flyers, press releases etc.; technical translations for heating and cooling equipment: design documentation, product catalogs, data sheets, product sheets, instructions, technical manuals, user manuals, press releases etc.
High-quality translations are obtained using cutting-edge technological resources, improving customer-specific glossaries and, last but not least, using CAT tools and graphic software for special projects.
A very helpful tool for technical translations is the translation memory. This is a very well documented terminological base that reduces the translator’s working time and the customer’s costs. Based on the translation memory, we can derive lists of technical terms specific to each field of activity.
Human expertise, supported by specialized translation technologies, and expert proofreading ensure high quality standards.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are always performed by sworn translators certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. Documents that need authorization are official documents, authorization being a preliminary step to notarial certification. Examples of documents needing authorization: certificates, contracts, graduation records, legal documents.
To complete the authorization process, the sworn translator certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice must sign and apply the stamp on the translated document.

Certified translations

Certified translations are sworn translations with a notary’s certificate of acknowledgement for the signature of the sworn translator certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. In the case of sworn translations, apart from the certificate of acknowledgement, a copy of the translated source docu-ment shall be attached.
A sworn translation may only be certified if the notary public has the specimen signature of the sworn translator whose signature he/she certifies, which is applied on the copy of the sworn translator’s au-thorization.
To certify the translator’s signature on a document issued by a foreign authority, the respective docu-ment must bear an Apostille or be superlegalized, to make sure that the issuing authority can issue this type of documents.
Documents issued by the Romanian authorities for use abroad must also bear an Apostille or be super-legalized, so that the receiving institutions ascertain that the Romanian authority has the right to issue such documents.
Certified translations are usually performed for official documents, contracts, graduation records, legal documents.


Your materials are permanently supervised by our specialized personnel and the translation of your document is always adapted and verified in detail by a person who is perfectly familiar with the characteristics of your activity, as well as with your requirements and the preferred terminology.

The specialized terminologists in the ACED CONSULT MULTIMEDIA team proofread and adapt first-hand translations, thus decisively improving the quality of the document involved.

The proofreading of the translations by a specialized terminologist is the final stage of the specialized translation process and quality check of our services.

The wide range of fields of expertise in specialized proofreading includes large projects related to: technical translations and proofreading, medical translations and proofreading, legal translations and proofreading, economic translations and proofreading, automotive translations and proofreading, IT translations and proofreading etc.

Text correction

For your peace of mind, our offer includes text correction for externally translated documents, which require a professional, specialized examination.

The wide range of fields of expertise in specialized proofreading includes large projects related to: technical proofreading, medical proofreading, legal proofreading, economic proofreading, automotive proofreading, IT proofreading etc.

Notary certification

In addition to translation services, upon request, we ensure notary certification of any document translated or proofread by us.

Free delivery to the client’s office

For your convenience, the delivery of the documents to your office/storehouse is made within the shortest time possible, without any additional charges.

Thus, we develop a durable relationship, constantly improving and always adapting ourselves to your requirements and changes.