Our teams of professionals at ACED Consult Multimedia are assisted by specialists in the vast field of printing services

1. Digital printing

By means of state of the art digital printing equipment, we can print your materials in single series or limited series, optimizing your costs.

Specific works for digital printing in single or limited series include: posters, user’s manuals, car owner’s manuals, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, booklets, self-adhesive labels in PVC or paper, etc.

Latest generation of digital printers offer the possibility of customizing your invitations, greeting cards, commercial offers, at unbeatable prices. If you also take into account the lack of flexibility of the supports which have been mainly dedicated to the offset printer, the latest generation of digital printers is far more convenient.

2. Offset printing

By employing the current technology of offset printing, we provide the perfect solutions for average and large series printing materials such as: presentation catalogues, leaflets, booklets, self-adhesive labels in PVC or paper, etc.
In terms of combinations, there are infinite options for finishing offset printing materials.

 3. Complete range of finishing solutions:

√ stitching, sewing, stapling
√ dull or glossy plastication
√ selective enameling
√ various protection enamels
√ various binding services
√ punching, regardless of the shape
√ foil or embossed stamp customization
√ computerized engraving
√ etc.

4. Customization solutions

√embossed stamp
√computerized engraving
√screen printing
√pad printing
√ marking advertising items
√ banner printing
√ supplying customized clothing items
√ customized embroidery
√ advertising on cars
√ assembly of display and exhibition stands
√ rental of outdoor/indoor advertising space
√ rental of media advertising space

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